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Yashinomi Premium Power wins "A'Design Award & Competition 2019-2020" Package Design Gold Award

Yashinomi Premium Power's design was evaluated as excellent in both functionality and environment preservation.

We are proud to announce that "Yashinomi Premium Power" won the "A'Design Award & Competition 2019-2020" Package Design Gold Award. 

"Yashinomi Premium Power", which was also introduced in 2018 in the  “JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.20”, is a kitchen detergent with enhanced cleaning power that has the same core values as our other Yashinomi products: Gentleness on the skin, high biodegradability, and no fragrance or coloring.

SARAYA has co-developed this product together with Chiaki Murata, a renowned Japanese product designer, drawing on the concept of Yashinomi, which always has advocated resource-saving and household waste reduction. Combining a stylish design with easily-replaceable refill pouches we proposed a new kitchen lifestyle to the jury, who evaluated the design as excellent in both functionality and environment preservation.

At the same time, all of our Yashinomi products have acquired RSPO certification (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil; a certification system for palm oil produced in consideration of the environment and human rights). 1% of product sales (based on manufacturer's shipment sales) are donated to the Borneo Conservation Trust, an international NGO, to operate a wildlife rescue center and to restore lost tropical rainforest in Borneo, Malaysia, where most of our palm oil raw materials come from. 

What is “A'Design Award & Competition”?

It’s an annual international design competition held in Italy. As one of the world's largest competitions, it recognizes outstanding designers, design concepts, products and services, attracting participants from about 100 countries with applications in over 50 languages.

yashinomi adesign award certificate

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