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Advanced private label services

Private label cosmetics (the so-called 'own brand') are becoming more and more popular among consumers who buy products that meet high-quality standards at competitive prices. Currently, the share of private label cosmetics on the Polish market has already exceeded 20% and is still growing. The main distributors of private label articles are chain supermarkets and stores, where these products account for up to 85% of offers.

One of the main activities of SARAYA is the production of cosmetic products commissioned by other companies – Private Label Manufacturing. This allows the customers to obtain cosmetics that are perfectly matching their needs. Thanks to the cooperation with our company, it is possible to create your own cosmetics without the need for expensive technological facilities. Our knowledge and extensive experience allow us to guarantee the highest quality of the product while maintaining a competitive price.

Here's why you should consider our Private Label offer:

  1. The possibility of offering consumers a new product without involving own capital in production processes
  2. Guarantee of receiving a product with parameters identical or higher than the indicated benchmark
  3. Obtaining a high-quality product thanks to modern technology and production methods
  4. Obtaining complete documentation that enables the product to be introduced to the market

The scope of our services includes:

Packing cosmetic masses into tubes

Tubes diameters in mm: 30, 35, 40, 50. Capacities from 30 to 250 ml. Welding PE and laminating tubes. Fully automatic dosing and welding with marking on the tube weld. Welding with hot air.

Filling bottles, jars, and other packages with cosmetic masses
Filling bottles, jars, and other packages with cosmetic masses
Product labelling

Labelling packages of all shapes – round, oval or flat – in different arrangements (up+down or down+up).

Product marking with inkjet printers
Product marking with inkjet printers
Product packaging
Packing in cardboard boxes, adding accessories (e.g. leaflets, spatulas, etc.), packing in collective carton boxes.
Marking the cardboard with a collective label
Packing in cardboard boxes, adding accessories (e.g. leaflets, spatulas, etc.), packing in collective carton boxes.
Keeping full-billing documentation of packaging
Reporting current production to the customer. Reporting stock levels. Carrying out weight control of filling products.
Step up your environmental management procedures with SARAYA.

Business ideas

Aiming for successful business cooperation, we do our best to understand your needs and expectations. As a result, the path to market success becomes shorter and less bumpy. We provide comprehensive services in the field of marketing consultancy, including the development of a coherent idea of a cosmetic, its recipe, creating an appropriate visual design and the method of introducing and distributing it on the market. Our team of highly qualified specialists will select the best marketing tools concerning your individual needs and expectations. We will help you optimize the effects of your work so far and create new, more interesting solutions, based on partnership cooperation.

As part of business ideas, we offer, among others:

Strategic analysis of market trends
identification, characterization and segmentation of target groups

developing marketing strategies

developing a promotion strategy, advertising communication and public relations

selection of appropriate communication channels

product and service positioning

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High-tech production

Obtaining a product that meets the highest standards is our priority. We can achieve this thanks to modern technology and production methods. The Quality Assurance System applied in our company, and the procedures based on the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) system give a full guarantee that our products are of the highest quality. Currently, the company is adjusting its standards in addition to certification in the BRC system.

The raw materials and materials used by us for production come from carefully selected, audited and verified suppliers. The organization of production under the GMP and BRC standards guarantees the possibility of detecting any irregularities and immediate reaction in the production process.

We carry out every stage of production with great care and therefore:

only qualified and regularly trained personnel participate in the production processes
quality control is carried out at all stages of the production process using the most modern equipment and the latest analytical methods
the technical and sanitary level of premises and production facilities meets the requirements, norms and standards of BRC

We have a technology and implementation laboratory that develops recipes for cosmetic products, cosmetic mass preparation processes and production technologies. It also assesses the compatibility of the product with the packaging. Each cosmetic undergoes numerous stability tests and is subjected to accelerated ageing tests.

SARAYA has a modern machinery park, including large-capacity mixers, homogenizers, mills for powder products, and an automated high-quality water purification station. We can produce cosmetic masses based on "hot", "cold", and combined "hot-cold" production technologies.

The company's production assortment includes, among others:

  • Detergent systems, e.g. shampoos, soaps, shower gels, etc.
  • All types of cosmetics emulsions
  • Tonics, two-phase lotions, gels, hair gums
  • Hair pastes
  • Powder products such as hair bleaches
Our production is adapted to the technology with hazardous substances such as hydrogen peroxide, thioglycolic acid, persulfates, ammonia water, etc.

Each year, SARAYA undergoes internal and external audits. The company meets all the standards required for the production and packaging of cosmetics.
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Cosmetics formulas

We produce top-class cosmetics. Therefore, we must be sure that the formulations we create are not only safe but also effective. Hence, one of the most important areas of our laboratory's activities is research, thanks to which we are sure that we offer high-quality hair, body, and face care.

Each of our products is carefully developed and tested. Cooperation with scientific, medical, and analytical centres guarantees high technological quality of products. In our laboratory, we create new cosmetic recipes and conduct quality tests of cosmetics.

We provide our clients with a complete set of tests necessary for the safe introduction of a cosmetic to the market, in accordance with EU requirements.

Development of cosmetics formulas

  • Developing a cosmetic recipe in accordance with the customer's guidelines
  • Recipe consultancy
  • Physico-chemical and microbiological specification of the cosmetic
  • Preparation of a cosmetic dossier
  • Cosmetic price calculation

Physico-chemical tests of manufactured cosmetics

We carry out physical and chemical tests of cosmetics in accordance with the clients' guidelines. The most frequently performed analyzes include:
  • Organoleptic evaluation of the cosmetic
  • Emulsion stability after centrifugation
  • Determination of the pH of the cosmetic
  • The stability of the cosmetic at low and high temperatures
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Professional packaging

We offer advice on the professional selection of packaging for cosmetic products and the selection of reliable and proven suppliers. Thanks to cooperation with reputable packaging manufacturers, we offer an extremely wide selection of packaging tailored to the needs and expectations of each client.

The company's production assortment includes, among others:

  • The practical aspects of using the product and the ease of its application
  • Packaging design
  • Adjusting the packaging to the consistency and type of product
  • Ease of opening and closing the product and the tightness of the package
  • Protection of the product against external factors
  • Labelling of the packaging, resulting from legal regulations, from which there are no exceptions
  • Economic account
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Graphic designs

Fine feathers make fine birds – this saying fully captures the essence of the visual aspect of each new product, including a cosmetic one. Interesting packaging design, and well-suited to the target group, is a strategic element of a successful market expansion.

Thanks to the creative design, our clients' products gain the additional potential to stand out from other cosmetics on the market. Properly designed packaging attracts attention, emphasizing the uniqueness of the product and its features. Thanks to this, we effectively support building brand awareness among consumers.

Our design team comprise people with imagination. Creative and innovative graphic ideas and an individual approach to each client highlight the characteristics of given products. Openness to new ideas allows us to meet the expectations and implement the visions of each client in an unlimited way.

Creating new concepts, we care not only about the aesthetics of the project but also about its appropriate commercial strength. Experience shows that a properly designed graphic layout of the packaging can be an effective tool for communication with the consumer, as well as a very important sales factor.

Use our knowledge and original ideas!

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