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Consumer Solutions

SARAYA consumer goods are made to be just as easy on the environment as they are on the user. Our goal is to help the consumers maintain a healthy, clean, and sustainable lifestyle by focusing on effective products, designed with natural ingredients and built-in eco-friendly features.


Our hair care line for a healthy, strong, beautiful hair and scalp. The Cocopalm brand is a strong part of our J-beauty trend – Japanese care where, in addition to natural ingredients, the method of application, aroma and relaxation, a complete heal ritual, plays a huge role. Created with 100% biodegradable plant-based ingredients, its natural extracts and oils are gentle on the skin, combined with the aromas of essential oils. Cocopalm uses palm oil only from selected farms, produced following the principles of sustainable trade, considering human rights and environmental protection, that are certified by the RSPO.


Destivii offers you high quality hairdresser professional tools for hair care, styling, and colouring. Following the latest trends and clients' needs, their effectiveness is ensured through specially developed recipes with healthy active ingredients.


For your eyelash care and eyebrow colouring. The Renovital series not only emphasizes beauty, but also protects, strenghtens, and nourishes. Each product has been tested by a dermatologist and an ophthalmologist.

Vellie Japan

The Vellie Japan brand draws inspiration from Japanese beauty rituals, with a cosmetic formula composed almost entirely of natural ingredients, including unique fruits and plants that only grow in Japan. Rich in precious ingredients that boost your natural beauty, it will protect and nurture a healthy skin.

Vellie Goat Milk

Discover the power of goat milk. Deep regeneration, intensively moisturization, soothing irritations, firming and elasticizing the skin while restoring its natural pH. Vellie Goat's Milk is recommended for dry, sensitive skins.

Vellie Olive

Vellie Olive is a unique combination of olive oil with revitalizing Vitaoils Plus oil complex and shea butter. Olive oil nourishes, moisturizes, and regenerates the skin, delaying the ageing process. Also, sunflower, coconut, linseed, avocado, argan and macadamia oil that intensively regenerate, firm, and tone it while stimulating collagen synthesis for an anti-ageing effect. Its shea butter perfectly absorbs, softens and nourishes the skin, leaving a protective lipid coat which helps to retain moisture and reduce water loss.

Vital Pharma Plus

Vital Pharma Plus, with carefully selected ingredients, applies specially developed formulas that protect your skin and hair. All products in this series contain natural plant extracts that intensely moisturize, bring relief to dry skin and protect it against environmental influences.

Vital Pharma Baby Care

Our line of cosmetics designed for the youngest. With products full of plant extracts and carefully selected components, they serve one purpose: to bring comfort to the skin of your child. Vital Pharma Baby Care includes shampoos, bath emulsions, and creams, all working to sooth, moisturize, and gently nurture your baby's skin.

Wash Bon

Wash Bon is our hand soap brand developed respecting Japanese care traditions. What distinguishes Wash Bon from other soaps is its microfoam – an extremely dense, creamy, and stable foam containing fine particles which thoroughly clean hands in an ecology-friendly, making washing your hands a pleasure. Made with the natural and biodegradable SOFORO, basis of all Wash Bon products, is a natural surfactant from the group of soforolipids, obtained as a result of the bio-fermentation of sustainable RSPO palm oil (using yeast and palm sugar). With 96% of its ingredients of natural origin, it provides excellent hydration and care.

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