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CC STEPs Biofilm Detection Kit wins Excellence Award

CC STEPs Biofilm Detection Kit wins the 32nd "Small and Medium Enterprises Excellent New Technology / New Product" Excellence Award.

We are delighted to announce that the SARAYA product CC STEPs Biofilm Detection Kit, a tool that allows clinical visualization of biofilm, has won the 32nd "Small and Medium Enterprises Excellent New Technology / New Product" Excellence Award sponsored by Resona SME Promotion Foundation and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.

Skin ulcers like pressure ulcers (bed sores) and diabetic foot ulcers have a high risk of bacteria contamination and often seen as “chronic wounds” that do not heal for more than several weeks after the initial treatment. If left untreated, these "chronic wounds" could increase the risk of amputation of the lower extremities, sepsis, and sometimes death.

In recent years, it has been proposed that biofilm may be the cause of impaired healing of these chronic wounds. Biofilms are mucus substances formed by the adherence of microorganisms (mainly bacteria) and extracellular substances (glycoproteins, proteins, extracellular DNA, etc.). To form a visual image, pink, slimy biofilm is also formed around water in bathrooms, washrooms, kitchens, etc.

If there is biofilm in a wound, it should be removed to accelerate healing. Until now it has been difficult to confirm the presence of biofilm in clinical settings but with the arrival of the CC STEPs biofilm detection kit, it is possible to detect it in a short time. You can reduce the risk of wound deterioration by checking the presence of biofilm repeatedly during the healing process and applying the appropriate treatment according to test results, reducing the risk of wounds getting severe and improving the patient's QOL (Quality Of Life).

CC STEPs biofilm detection kit, the industry's first visualization technology for wound biofilm was highly evaluated, resulting in this award. We at SARAYA continue to contribute to infection control in the medical field, developing products and services for the safety and security of all people, from CC Steps to classic hand sanitizers.

Example of CC STEPs Example of biofilm detection

Product Features

  • Quickly detect biofilm: It takes approximately 2 minutes to detect biofilm on a wound site. The process can be carried out at the bedside.
  • Less burden for detection: The test is non-invasive and easy to perform, thus less burden on the subject and medical staff.

Resona Small Business Promotion Foundation 32nd "Small Business Excellent New Technology / New Product" (Japanese)

Medical SARAYA "CC Steps Biofilm Detection Kit" Product Page (Japanese)Medical SARAYA "CC STEPs Biofilm Detection Kit" Product Page (Japanese)

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