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No-Touch Technology

Cross-contamination can pose a serious threat to your health. Fortunately, we can eliminate some of the surfaces with no-touch technology. Saraya has been a strong advocate of reducing cross-contamination and has been a forerunner in no-touch dispenser technology. All of our hand hygiene products are supported with no-touch dispensers, which are unrivaled in reliability, function and quality.

No-touch dispensers by Saraya are designed with Safety, Compliance, Hygiene and Manageability in mind.

Safety Increasing Compliance
Reducing the number of surfaces you make contact with keeps hands cleaner longer. Easy to use dispensing makes hand hygiene simple and clean. No-touch dispensing means you always get the right amount of product for a full hand wash or disinfection.
Hygiene Focused Manageability
Saraya is an infection prevention company and designs its dispensers to compliment our hand soaps and disinfectants for the best hand hygiene experience. Each dispenser is simple to refill and manage, making sure there are no issues obstructing a facility's hand hygiene program.

Saraya has developed no-touch dispensers for 25 years. As a leader in dispensing technology, we have created many great devices for providing hand hygiene products easily, accurately and conveniently in all types of buildings and facilities. Saraya no-touch technology reduces the risk of cross-contamination, making hand washing and disinfection more effective and no-touch systems are much more user friendly and clean, which encourages users to practice regular hand hygiene. Our dispensers work with liquid or foam soap and also alcohol hand disinfectant, without causing cross-contamination. Saraya's world famous no touch dispensers are simple, accurate and hygienic. Fully designed by our own R&D team, we know healthcare facilities will benefit from our dispensers in both compliance and safety.