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Connect Through Life

In 2012, SARAYA celebrated its 60th anniversary. I would like to thank our patrons, customers and partners for six decades of support. With this anniversary, we took the opportunity to renew our logo and company slogan to reflect how our business has developed since our foundation and also to create a clear path in the direction we want our business to develop into the future.

Since 1952, SARAYA has focused its entire effort on contributing to technology and innovation in the fields of public hygiene, food sanitation, healthcare infection control and earth-friendly goods for the consumer market. In addition, strong considerations are made for the environment throughout our whole business process.

In 2004, SARAYA took steps to address the issue of sustainable resources especially biological conservation and the use of palm oil. The Borneo Conservation Trust was established to lead progress and understanding of biodiversity conservation in the rain forest of Borneo. We also participated in the creation of a guideline for sustainable palm oil. SARAYA was the first company in Japan to offer products made with 100% sustainable RSPO certified palm oil.

As a society now, we are confronted with the sustainability of the world. We consume natural resources at the level that cannot be recovered. We create massive and irreplaceable changes to the natural environment at the cost of fragile biodiversity. This global economy is based on sacrificing biodiversity, creating an imbalance of wealth and thus adding to the tension of the world. The risk of losing our sustainability takes place at the cost of our prosperity. SARAYA is dedicated to a sustainable society through the connection of all stakeholders from the supply chain to all levels of economies in the company's spectrum of activity.

Beginning with the Wash a Million Hands project in Uganda with Unicef Japan in 2010, SARAYA entered into Africa on the journey to improve public health for children and mothers. Since then Saraya East Africa has been focusing on BOP (Base of the Economic Pyramid) programs to create business in Uganda while introducing alcohol hand rub in local healthcare facilities to improve patient safety. In 2013, SARAYA also started a similar project in Cambodia.

Since 2010, SARAYA has supported the WHO Patient Safety Challenge, Clean Care is Safer Care. Being an active member of the WHO's Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS), we believe in education and practice to improve patient safety and hand hygiene compliance along with the development of usable and innovative products.

We look forward to a long future of innovation in sanitation, the environment and health, and combining these activities in ways to foster change towards a sustainable society. This is our challenge and the driving force behind our company. We also welcome the synergy of collaborations and participation with individuals, academics, businesses and governments. Through such collaborations I sincerely believe we can change our world to be a sustainable place to live and fit to inherit in the many generations to come.
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“Yusuke Saraya en visite en Ouganda pour le démarrage de la campagne « Wash a Million Hands ».” au Uganda. La vie de millions d’enfants pourrait chaque année être sauvée de maladies évitables grâce au lavage des mains.

Yusuke Saraya à Borneo en Malaisie. L’expansion irresponsable de plantation de palme est liée à la diminution drastique du nombre d’éléphants. En travaillant avec le Borneo Conservation Trust, Saraya contribue à l’acquisition de terres protégées de long de la rivière Kinabatangan.