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The sensor under the nozzle automatically detects your hand and dispenses the perfect amount of soap. No touch hand washing is very hygienic and prevents cross infection. Stylish design of ELEFOAM2.0 adds a modern touch to your life. Stay clean with ELEFOAM2.0 for everyday hand washing.

No touch hand hygiene: Eliminates cross infection.
Slim profile designed to fit in any space around sink.
With Tray Holder Type L (optional) , ELEFOAM2.0 can be installed on the wall or placed where the nozzle cannot extend over the sink to collect any drips.
The nozzle provides foam soap directly to your hand and the open design extends over the tray or sink for clean use and easy access.
The ELEFOAM2.0 uses 4 AA alkaline batteries, so there is no need to set near an outlet.

How to use : Place hands under the sensor to activate and dispense a premeasured amount of hand hygiene solution.

Dimensions : 72mm x 218mm x 134mm
Power source : (4) AA alkaline batteries
Installation : Countertop or wall (optional item required) installation
Color : White
Material : ABS, PP
Volume : 250ml
Product code : 73721
Units per case : 1
Others : Check with your Saraya sales representative for accessories.
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