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Cocopalm Natural Shampoo

Cocopalm Natural Shampoo

Silicon-free but smooth. Rich and thick foam fully covers the head to cleanse each hair follicle for a totally refreshed spa feeling.

Silicon-free formula

Cleanses away oil and dirt completely without leaving any unwanted substances.

Cleansing Micro Whip Foam

Condensed and fine foam penetrates hair follicles and gently cleanses the entire scalp and hair.
How to use
1. After wetting your hair completely, take an appropriate amount of shampoo in your hand and lather. Wash hair and scalp with your fingertips.
2. Rinse well.



No added Colors, paraben, animal oils, mineral oils, or silicon.
Skin sensitivity tested. (It does not eliminate the possibility of skin irritation for all users.)

Fragrance : Fruity neroli fragrance
Product Code : 26108
Volume : 600 ml
Weight : 702 g
Dimensions : 89×66×209 mm
Trading Unit : 3×4

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