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Ayurspa Treatment

Ayurspa Treatment

Henna (henna leaf extract) extensively repairs damaged hair.

Indian plant henna repairs perm and color damaged hair gently. The traditional Indian Ayurvedic herbs and oils provide moisture and gloss to the hair.

Ayurvedic herbs extracts contained.



How to use
1. After shampooing, take an appropriate amount of treatment. Apply to the tips of the hair and work up towards the scalp.
2. Rinse well.


No added Paraben, animal oils, mineral oils, and colors
Skin sensitivity tested. (It does not eliminate the possibility of skin irritation for all users.)

Fragrance : Rose musk fragrance
Product Code : 26214
Volume : 500 ml
Weight : 565 g
Dimensions : 87×68×209 mm
Trading Unit : 4×4

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