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Alpet D2

Alpet D2

High risk surfaces which pose an infection threat to patients should be regularly disinfected after skin contact. Saturated disinfectant wipes prove to be effective at rapidly disinfecting surfaces and equipment.

Alcohol disinfectant for surfaces featuring 58.6% 2-propanol as its active ingredient and a combination of ammonium chloride for added antibacterial efficacy.
No rinse needed. Quickly dries.
Non-corrosive formula is ideal for equipment, furniture and fixtures.
Active Ingredient: 2-propanol 58.6%
Composition : Surfactant, quaternary ammonium compound, ethanol, pH adjuster
Wipe size : W150xH300mm
Packaging : 1L & 100ml
Pieces per Carton : 1L : 10units, 100mL : 50units
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