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Barrier A lotion

Barrier A lotion

Barrier Lotion provides an extra layer of protection throughout the day. Frequent hand washing and disinfecting may cause rough, irritated skin. Apply Barrier Lotion to keep moisture in the skin without inhibiting the efficacy of hand disinfectants.

Forms a light invisible layer, made from s safe flourine polymer, to keep moisture in without interfering with disinfectants.
Hyaluronic acid keeps skin moisturized and healthy.
Leaves no fragrance or sticky feeling on the hands. All you feel is healthy skin.

How to use : Apply right after washing and disinfecting, follow up every 4 hours thereafter. Apply the appropriate amount on your hands, spread evenly over all surfaces, then massage into the skin until dry.

Active ingredient : * Glycerine 6% * Hyaluronic acid 0.005%
Fragrance : Fragrance Free
Color : Transparent
Container / Volume : 480ml, 240ml
Product code :
• 52091 (480ml)
• 52092 (240ml)
Units per case :
• 10 (480ml)
• 20 (240ml)
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