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Public Health & Hygiene Solutions

Saraya Public Health & Hygiene combines all aspects of infection countermeasures through hand sanitation, medical equipment reprocessing and surface disinfection. We are also a major contributor to hospital sanitation education and research. Saraya publishes quarterly magazines, sanitation handbooks and manual posters. In addition, we provide live support through lectures and scholarly presentations, backing up the medical hygiene field with our own research.

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Toilet Amenities

Hand Hygiene starts at school, we have to help children to learn it, and what better than fun designs done for them.

Public restrooms should be easy to maintain by building managers and janitorial staff while being comfortable for everyone who uses them. Saraya products have been redesigned with features that simplify maintenance tasks and raise the comfort level of restrooms without sacrificing style.

Public Hygiene

School Hygiene

Many public facilities such as arenas, theaters, recreational centers, and stations can have hundreds or thousands of visitors per day, which have shown in the past to be breeding grounds for illnesses such as influenza, SARS and the common cold.

Infection prevention starts with hand washing, but results can vary greatly depending on the amount of surface contact hands make while in the washroom. By reducing the number of dirty surfaces with no-touch faucets and dispensers, hygiene can greatly improve.